Audi RS5

Audi RS5, which is only available as a two-door Coupé, was presented at 2010 Geneva Motor Show. In facelifted form, it features a 4.2 litre naturally aspirated V8 with 331 kW at over 8,000 rpm, that previusly featured on the RS4. Transmission is via a 7-speed  S tronic dual clutch semi-automatic. There are adjustments for ride comfort and driving dynamics. The RS5 also features an integrated boot lid spoiler that automatically deploys above 120 kilometres per hour. The RS5 weighs 1,800 kg, with 56.3 percent at the front and 43.7 in the rear which makes it prone to understeer, however Audi has added two electro-mechanical systems to counter its nose-heaviness. The stability-control system attempts to stop front-end plow before it happens by squeezing the brakes on the inside wheels which effectively drag those tires enough to pull the car into the corner. The RS5 also has an active rear differential that can apportion power between the rear wheels to create a similar effect, or even oversteer; in normal conditions, quattro all-wheel drive delivers 60 percent of the engine’s torque rearward and rising to as much as 85 percent depending on conditions.