Audi A5

Audi A5 Sportback has four framless doors and a long, tapering roofline, giving it a coupé-like appearance. It is designed to be as emotional and elegant as a coupe, as comfortable as a sedan, and as practical as an Avant according to Audi. While it shares many exterior cues with the A5 coupé, the Sportback's interior is actually more similar to the A4 sedan; although all A5 models have same platform as the A4, the Sportback is closer in design to the A4 than the rest of the A5 family. The Sportback has been described as a sedan with the front end (including an identical S-line look) and taillights of the A5 coupe but the wheelbase of the A4, with the Sportback positioned more as the "designer's car" compared to the more conventional A4 sedan.